DEGREES:BA: Trumpet Performance; MS: Computer Science
INTERESTS:NFL, Sci-Fi, Gaming, Cruising

Russ Carver

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1992 - Present
1992 - Present


Trumpet Teacher in the Denver area

Music has been a part of my life since before I was even in school.  I came from a musical family and feel like my life has a soundtrack! I have been playing trumpet since I was 10 and can comfortably teach B-flat, C, and Piccolo Trumpets as well as Flugelhorn.  I would love to help you or your child experience the joy of creating music through the use of proven techniques in trumpet performance (classical & jazz) and by teaching music theory to help them become a well-rounded musician from all angles.​​

trumpet instructor
  • Instructing beginning to advanced trumpeters.
  • ​Have taught students from age 5 up to adults!
  • ​Specializing in the Arban's Complete Conservatory method for Trumpet.
Dr. gary mortenson
Dean of the School of Music
Baylor University
​Waco, TX
Dan wakefield
Worship Pastor

BA, Trumpet Performance
Dual Emphasis in Music Composition
greg sage
Erie, CO

I have been teaching lessons for about 30 years and have a proven track record of having the best students in their classes! Typically, my students are 2-6 grade levels ahead of everyone else.

Although the trumpet is very easy to learn, it's not intuitive if you're trying to pick it up on your own or if you're in a band class where the teacher has to divide their attention among everyone. Most trumpeters develop every bad habit in the book because of this!

I can break these habits and replace them with successful ones that make trumpet fun and easy! I teach everything from theory, reading music, playing by ear, classical, jazz, working up to an audition and more!

I currently teach lessons remotely via video and can take students from all over the Denver area and its suburbs.

Fun is guaranteed!

freelance trumpeter
  • Performed at weddings, graduations, funerals, etc...
  • Performed with with various Jazz and Concert bands.
  • Performed at church services on a regular basis (scored, solos, improvisation).
  • ​Performed with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra